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Trailer of A First Farewell

FánHuā Chinese Film Festival at Estate Fiorentina

On July 25th at 9:45pm in the 'Apriti Cinema' programme in the Uffizi arena square, as part of the Estate Fiorentina 2022:

Poster EF2022 definitivo.png

A First Farewell

第一次的离别 Dì yī cì de líbié

by Wang Lina, 2018, running time 86'.


Screenplay: Wang Lina

Cinematography: Li Yong

Editing: Matthieu Laclau

Music: Wenzi

Producer: Qin Xiaoyu, Cai Qingzeng

Starring: Isa Yasan, Kalbinur Rahmati, Musa Yasan, Ugulem Sugur, Yasan Kamisu.

Stills of A First Farewell

A great evening of the Apriti Cinema! programme, as part of the Florentine Summer 2022 initiatives in Florence, at the end of a boiling hot sultry day ! Fortunately, while it was getting dark a pleasant breeze had risen: our President Xiuzhong Zhang welcomed the audience and invited everyone to attend the 2nd edition of the “Fán Huā Chinese Film Festival”, due next autumn from October 20 to 23. Then a video was shown with messages from our artistic consultant Paolo Bertolin and from the director Ms. Wang Lina. Everyone enjoyed this film very much, a great success from the 2021 edition of our Festival

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