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Trailer of Wind

A film from our Festival outside the Uffizi in Florence for "Apriti Cinema" on Monday July 31rst 2023



随风飘散 Suí Fēng Piāo Sàn (Lost in the Wind)

by Dandren Wanggyal, 2020, running time 96'.


Screenplay: Medok, Danba Darjee, Tsering Thar

Photography: Liu Qibing

Editing: Hao Shaogang

Music: Wang Yuxiang

Production: Xu Chuantong, Xie Li

Starring: Tsering Drolma, Sonam Wangmo, Genden Phuntsok, Wondrok Tso, Gikshak Tsering, Tsewang Lhatso.

Stills of Wind

On the evening of Monday 31 July, after a very hot day, with the temperature becoming pleasant as it was getting dark, the public began to stream into the Uffizi courtyard and take seats to attend the free-entrance screening of Dandren Wanggyal's film WIND, in its original release with Italian subtitles.


Xiuzhong Zhang, founder and President of the Festival, welcomed the spectators and announced the dates of the next edition of the FánHuā Chinese Film Festival, which will open the "50 Giorni di Cinema" on Thursday 5 October in Florence: an invitation to attend four days of screenings, an opportunity to get to know China and its culture through our selection of films. He concluded by addressing heartfelt thanks to Cinema La Compagnia.


Artistic Director Paolo Bertolin introduced the film through a short video presentation, and from the very first shots the audience was transported to the Tibetan mountains and involved in young Gelak's struggle against prejudice and the archaic traditions of the small local community. 

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