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FánHuā ODV Association

The FánHua Association operates with the twofold aim of fostering the dissemination of Italian culture in China as well as  promoting the traditional artistic heritage and the contemporary Chinese art in Italy. In Chinese 'FánHuā' literally means 'variety of blossoming flowers', a poetic and well-wishing expression, an image that is meant to represent the multiple cultural, artistic and recreational activities that the Association intends to design and implement. 'FánHuā' therefore refers to the flourishing and varied artistic production that is developing in China, with the intent of opening a dialogue to build meeting points between Chinese and Italian culture.

The Association, established in January 2022, is a non-profit organisation and pursues civic, solidarity and socially beneficial purposes. From its operational headquarters in Florence, it organises exhibitions and events, cultural documentaries, university and post-graduate artistic training programmes, artist residencies for young people starting their careers, scholarships awarding, fundraising initiatives for charities, and it devises projects of common interest in collaboration with the institutions of both countries.


Fán Huā Chinese Film Festival

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