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The FánHuā Chinese Film Festival returns to Milan from 23 to 26 February at Cineteca Arlecchino with its 3rd edition



Friday 23

8:30 PM - Opening ceremony

9:00 PM - Opening film, winner of the Audience Award at the FánHuā Chinese Film Festival in Florence:

THE CORD OF LIFE, 脐带, di Qiao Sixue (running time 96’)

Against the backdrop of the splendid landscapes of Inner Mongolia, the intense and touching story of the emotional bond between an elderly mother and her musician son.

Saturday 24

7:00 PM

ANIMA, 莫尔道嘎, di Cao Jinling (running time 120’)

An ecological drama focusing on an indigenous community whose harmonious relationship with nature is challenged by reckless economic interests.

Sunday 25

10:30 AM

CHANG’ AN, 長安三萬里,di Xie Junwei e Zou Jing (running time 168’)

In the besieged city, the poet Gao Shi revives the glorious moments of his life. A sumptuous animation production, between History, epics and imaginative action.

3:00 PM

LE DONNE DEL LAGO DELLE ANIME PROFUMATE, 香魂女,di Xie Fei (running time 105’)

Winner of the Golden Bear at the 1993 Berlin Film Festival, this powerful female drama narrates the family struggles of an intrepid woman entrepreneur.

Monday 26

7:00 PM

BALANCE OF THE FIVE ELEMENTS, di Jan Hinrik Drevs (running time 100')

From the Cineteca Milano archives, the magnificent images of a journey in contemporary China in search of balance and life in harmony according to the ancient holistic 'Wu Xing' philosophy.


Via S. Pietro all'Orto, 9, Milano Tel. 02 - 4547 9033, February  23 - 26, 2024

Public transoport: MM1: San Babila - Tram: n. 20, 23, 67 - Bus: n. 50, 54, 60, 61, 65, 73


Associazione FánHuā e Zhong Art International (via de’ Martelli, 8 - Firenze) Tel. 055/5385702; mail: - e Cineteca Milano MIC - Viale Fulvio Testi 121 – Milano


PS Comunicazione

Antonio Pirozzi 339 5238132 with Davide Ficarola and Francesca Ceccarelli


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