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We are extremely thankful to those who trusted us, choosing to support our new cultural initiative, and have thus contributed to the realisation of the Festival’s first edition. 


Globally Group, founded over twenty years ago by Anthony Zhang, is an Italian company dealing with commercial development and international retail. The company was born from the encounter between Italian and Chinese professionals working in international business, retail, fashion, wine and technology.


Palazzo Coppini is the seat of the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco®  and of  Life Beyond Tourism®. The structural and decorative elements of this florentine buiding reflect some of the most crucial periods in the city’s history within the 13th century walls. The medieval era can be identified in the portion of tower house, cut off in 1250 after a Government decree and later incorporated into a noble residence. The palazzo was enlarged and restructured in the 16th century: two of the outstanding features of that period are the handsome helical stone staircase and an elegant fountain with a mannerist  mascherone. The 19th century saw a further expansion involving a complete overhaul and a redecoration in neo-Gothic and neo-Renaissance style.

Completely restructured, it is now open for public use and enjoyment, with its seven meeting and conference rooms, exhibition spaces and reception areas, accommodating up to 150 people during international and interdisciplinary gatherings promoting the dialogue between civilizations. It also houses over 6000 volumes in several languages and alphabets, as well as artefacts donated to the Fondazione by various partners around the world.

Life Beyond Tourism is a movement that has its roots in the hotel world. It was born with the aim of promoting knowledge between countries of different cultures and of contributing to the diffusion and affirmation of universal values such as respect and harmony among peoples, to transform the tourist experience from a simple occasion of leisure into a precious  moment of encounter between subjects of different cultures.

Born from the almost thirty years of activity of the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation in Florence as a proposal for a travel model that enhances local traditions and exceeds tourism in services and consumption, it is the promoter of responsible and not only sustainable tourism, as opposed to tourism. mass that is “killing” our planet.


An unforgettable journey into the world of High End Fashion.

The Mall Luxury Outlets opened the exclusive luxury outlet in the heart of Tuscany, just 30 minutes from Florence, in 2001. Renowned worldwide for presenting the leading international fashion brands gathered in a single location, it offers visitors an experience going beyond the ordinary idea of shopping: a unique blend of fashion, beauty, environment and hospitality. An innovative concept, offering our guests the opportunity of escaping from everyday life in unique and engaging surroundings and discovering a hidden side of Tuscany. This is the real key to the success of our Florence Mall: elegance and exclusivity and a genuine Italian flavour which make visitors fall in love and longing to come again. An ideal destination not only for fashion enthusiasts, but also for those who love beauty in all its forms.


This renowned distillery is part of a large company with a worldwide sales network, producing throughout China in its 179 branches with around 30,000 employees. The Yanghe brand, with its long tradition, places great emphasis on innovation: the range of grain spirits includes several types of drinks, but the Baijiu 'white liqueur' produced in Suqian is probably the most popular due to its excellent flavour and body.



Over the years, the Chinese residents in the Florence area have set up various associations that work in a spirit of service together with the Consulate to maintain cohesion between compatriots while fostering love for their country of origin. They protect the rights, interests and image of the community, they support the respect of local laws, promote integration and friendship between Italy and China, boosting cultural exchanges and activities.

Becoming a Sponsor

The Festival may be supported through financial contributions or by providing goods and services. We are available to accommodate and customise our partnership proposals to suit the requirements of potential sponsors. 

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